Monday, January 08, 2007

School Daze again...

Yes, it's once again time to deal with yet another chapter of the Woodbury Follies. Being in a small school is odd sometimes...word has gotten around about Richie's hospitalization, and now word is going to start getting around about his Multiple Myeloma. People are being uber-supportive, thankfully.

Due to all the uncertainties surrounding the past two weeks, I had to use a book voucher to buy my books, at the clip joint we know and hate as the Woodbury Bookstore. I'm now down almost $350 and I still have to buy some more books, dammit. At least most of them came in used versions. My monetary situation here is squared away and we'll at least get some financial aid overage to keep us going.

I have to keep going with this. Having my bachelor's will be good but unfortunately a BA in Psych is not so helpful in the job market. Once I get my Masters' things will be moving ahead somewhat. Since it has become clear that Richie's time on this planet is limited, and that he will not be able to do as much with that time due to the illness, it is also very clear that if I have a professional degree I will have a better time of it than if I don't have one.

The weight of this past few weeks is on me like a ton of bricks. It's painful. But I have to bear the pain and get through it somehow.

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