Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Walking with the Class of 2007, Woodbury University

OK, here's the scoop for all who want to be in on seeing me participate in Woodbury Commencement 2007. This news may not be good for those who are not early-birds...

Saturday, May 5
Commencement Breakfast
begins at 7 a.m.
Alumni Quad Walkway

Graduates assembly
8 -8:45 a.m.
New Woody’s

9 a.m.
Alumni Quad

Here are the directions.

I'm sure I will mail out invites. However, this is here and will be up for good.

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polizeros said...

Michelle. Been a long time. Just Googled your name and up popped this blog.

I blog at Politics in the Zeros, polizeros.com, got married two years ago, and we moved to Connecticut last week.

Ritchie. Been a long time since I heard Paper Bag play at the Anti-club. You guys were great. So sorry to hear about the MM. I'll be checking back here to keep in touch.

Bob Morris