Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"Hurricane came through, f**ked us up 'round here."

(Warning: Language NSFW)

Two years since Hurricane Katrina made landfall. And the thing is that unless you count the tourist areas that didn't get badly damaged in the first place, not a damn thing has changed. There are areas in NOLA that are ghost towns. There are areas that are one big vacant lot.

If there was one thing good about Hurricane Katrina, it was this: the hurricane in 2005 directly led to the GOP defeat in 2006. Hopefully the reportage about the current situation in NOLA will keep people thinking about it and lead to a veto-proof Democratic majority in 2008 and a Democrat in the White House. Certainly one Republican candidate, John McCain, has reaped much bad publicity from the 8/29/2005 photo op where he and Dubya yukked it up at an Air Force base and ate cake.

We cannot forget NOLA. We cannot abandon NOLA. If the birthplace of America's greatest contribution to world music is left to become a gentrified, Disneyfied shadow of its former self, the soul of America will really and truly be lost.

Here are a couple of very cogent essays about the aftermath, two years on:

AP Editorial: Pay heed to New Orleans' plight
Shelley Midura's open letter to George W. Bush


Reese said...

The fact that no one in Congress was stepping up to help should have raised a serious red flag. As red as the Devil's buttcheeks. It's THAT f*cking red.

Sal Ober said...

hi, could you adda tool to translate you blogs?
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Vincent Waller said...

Hi Michelle,
I heard that he was working over at Warner's, on yet another Looney Tunes series.
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JohnK said...

Hi Michelle

I didn't know how else to get ahold of you to answer your question, but yes Jim is fine. I saw him Sunday. I think his phone broke though, so maybe that's why you haven't heard from him.

He is working on some new Looney Tunes stuff at WB.

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