Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tomorrow I get "Rejuvenile" with Christopher Noxon

Tomorrow, at High Noon, I meet up with Christopher Noxon, author of Rejuvenile, for a discussion about a very familiar subject to me. Adults that simply won't put away their childish things. Seriously: I build lightsabres, I write about comics, cartoons and toys, I cosplay, I go to geek cons, and I am back in College 20+ years behind the usual socially expected time frame. Most of my friends are younger than me at this point.

Anyway, we're meeting at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks. Richie will be my camera guy and I'll also be recording audio. A future Cartoon Geeks podcast will feature our conversation.

I grew up in the Valley and actually saw this landmark being built. Chris is also someone who has childhood memories of the place. This should be fun.

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