Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Grades time...

As you recall, it's been already established that I have an A in Stats. Now then. I now know what my grades are for Fall 2006 semester.

Psychology of Gender 3 units B+ 3.33
Personality 3 units A 4.00
Stats for Behavioral Sci 1 4 units A 4.00
Influence and Persuasion 3 units A- 3.66

Total for S2006 3.77 GPA
Total GPA 3.73 GPA

GPA is just about unchanged if you keep the significant digits at two.

The Stats grade isn't officially posted -- Prof. Allevado is being a sweetie and holding the grades to let one straggler student bring his paper in -- but I already knew what he was going to post.

Of course, it's not as good as straight As, but it's still pretty impressive. I am on track to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Woodbury. 3.66 F2005, 3.80 S2006, 3.77 F2006. Woodbury doesn't make a big deal about the Dean's List like LAVC did, but I've been on it every semester since arriving there.

The project I started in Social Psych and continued in Stats 1 will continue into the future. We're going to put the survey on the web so that I can get more respondents. I'm going to have to figure out how to get people interested in the survey, though. Maybe giving away a Wii might be a good move. That costs, though. Time to learn the arcane art of grant proposals.

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