Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Three presentations down, one more to go.

Today was the day for my presentation about my Stats 1 project. This time I hit it out of the park. Very proud of myself, especially when I consider that the first two presentations was, although trouble free, not up to my high standards.

The project looks like it will continue after Stats 1 is over. This is the one on video games and desensitization to violence. I know the subject matter is going to yank some friends of mine's chains, but it's like this: there is something going on in this data and I want to find out the truth. I don't have an agenda. I would rather be the one to prove all the social scientists wrong about a link between video games and desensitization to violence. But I'm determined to see it through to whatever conclusion the data takes me.

I also have four term papers, two "wrap up the journal" papers that are a lot shorter than the term papers, and one short final exam to take.

I'd better get a move on and quit screwing around blogging....

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